Maple Children's Montessori School


At MCMS, we provide a high quality nutritional menu incorporating organic and healthy alternatives to our meals. We provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere to help encourage children to taste and try our various food options.

It's important to try different healthy foods on a regular basis.

Our food is prepared fresh each day by our in-school cook in our well-equipped kitchen. We prepare natural food because we believe that it provides children with the highest nutritional value and that food remains in its purest state. We evaluate quality in terms of nutrition, freshness, appearance, and taste.

Canada’s food guide, as outlined by Health Canada

  1. Have plenty of vegetables and fruits
  2. Eat protein foods
  3. Make water your drink of choice
  4. Choose whole grain foods

We're committed to your child's happiness and well-being.

All of our menu items have been carefully selected and have been approved by York Region nutritionists and a registered dietitian. Our cuisine is prepared fresh, from scratch on premises. Our menus have been designed to meet all of the essential children’s nutritional needs and are in accordance with the Child Care and Early Years Act and Canada’s Food Guide. We have four weekly menus that we rotate so that our students can experience a variety of foods and enhance their palates with a wide variety of international cuisines and wholesome traditional recipes. We aim to incorporate as many organic fruits and vegetables into our menu and strive to serve foods that are locally grown and in-season. We are also able to provide natural and whole alternatives for vegetarians and any food restrictions or allergy restrictions your child may have.