Maple Children's Montessori School


In adhering to the Ministry of Education curriculum, our classrooms fully incorporate the elementary Montessori method. Our enriched classrooms and curriculum aim to foster a love of knowledge, which will last throughout a lifetime of learning.

Montessori Elementary curriculum overview

Grades: 1-3 | Ages: 6 Years To 9 Years

The Program

The elementary program encompasses all provincial requirements and at the same time implements a Montessori program to its fullest. The Montessori materials are used in all areas of the curriculum as well as a variety of creative exploration through projects, research, and daily routines. The elementary program teaches the child self-regulation as they are accountable for their own learning with the direction and gentle guidance of the teacher. Children are given many opportunities to choose their own projects whether working independently or in a group. 


The Language program is taught with the use of Montessori materials such as grammar boxes, sentence chart and story analysis often through short story drama plays. Creative writing is explored through ways such as Poetry writing and reading. Reading continues to be an integral part of the language program and is extended through writing short book reports, research and presentations.


Mathematics in lower elementary continues to be developed through the use of Montessori materials, however there is a deeper transition from concrete to abstract. Students will have opportunities to learn practical application of these mathematical skills in everyday circumstances. Concepts such as money, decimals, geometry, multiples, fractions and factors are various areas that will be covered in lower elementary.

Culture Subjects

Culture includes geography, history and science. Projects are developed individually or as group work. Science includes botany and zoology. The study of five kingdoms, animal research and parts of the plant. These are all hands-on activities and experiments which encourage creativity, curiosity, and connect the concepts introduced in class.

Practical life

Practical life in elementary is a continuation of what has already been presented in Casa, however, it becomes a part of their daily routines such as self-care, care of the environment, and living things. Meal prep is another example of how practical life is brought into the elementary classroom. Grace and courtesy become an integral part of their social development as well. It is held in high regard within the Montessori Elementary classroom.